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From the confluence of the A-435 with CO-421, the Cañada Real Soriana goes into Pozoblanco in the place known as "El Ciento" is an ancient breathing space for livestock. We can choose to continue on the town, we continue the Avenida de Villanueva de Córdoba, we take the road which leads to El Guijo. The first 5 km of this road is built on the Cañada.

We go up a small hill next to a house, we left the path. Near this point, about one hundred meters west of the summit known as geodetic Porcuna, we found a tomb anthropoid (maybe Visigothic) carved in granite.
After passing through the CO-6412,the Cañada us shows again  full width and fully covered by a Retamal, so that will have to find the most appropriate steps along small roads marked for the sheep.

When you reach the round The Guijo, we turn to the northeast to find the Cañada Real and the Mesta, which is bound to follow a common route from the village.
Except in the village of El Guijo, terrain is full by low trees, there are typical birds  of these landscapes; white storks, lapwings, kestrels and eaglets among other.